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Kinatex Sports Physio Promed is moving all of its services to the Kinatex Centre-Ville and Griffintown clinics as of March 29th.

You will find our highly qualified team of physiotherapists and osteopaths from Kinatex Promed nearby in renovated and bright clinics to continue to support you so that you can give the best of yourself in your active daily life!

Meet Shaun Cameron, Associate Physiotherapist, at Kinatex Centre-Ville from Monday to Friday;

Meet Eva Noya Pena, senior physiotherapist, at Kinatex Griffintown from Monday to Friday and Saturday (occasional);

Meet Jean-François Tremblay, osteopath D.O., at Kinatex Centre-Ville and Kinatex Griffintown from Monday to Friday.


Physiotherapy – Osteopathy – Massage therapy – Acupuncture

Occupationnal therapy – Nutrition – Kinesiology


Kinatex Promed

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Shaun Cameron
Eva Noya-Pena
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