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KinatexCOVID-19 Prevention & precautionary measures

Notice to all clients

Kinatex Sports Physio relies on the collaboration of all its staff to ensure compliance with the special measures announced by the Government of Quebec (or Ontario where applicable) and the recommendations of the CNESST, the INSP and other various professional orders, including the OPPQ, in order to counter the spread of COVID-19. In preparation for your appointment, we will advise you of the hygiene measures implemented in the clinic.

Procedures for Kinatex personnel

  • Hand washing with soap and water is compulsory at the entrance and exit of the clinic, as well as in between each appointment.
  • Measures have also been implemented in the physical space to ensure social distancing is respected.
  • All staff wear a mask, lab coat or jacket and, depending on the conditions treated, the therapist will also wear a visor or suitable glasses.
  • Treatment tables, chairs and all tools are disinfected in between each patient.
  • At reception, the chairs and counters are disinfected several times throughout the day.
  • The payment terminal is contactless or cleaned between each use.

Procedures for clients during their clinic visit

  • Please arrive at the exact time of your appointment. If you arrive early, please wait in your vehicle or outside.
  • We ask that you wash your hands upon arrival at the clinic as well as upon leaving.
  • The reception staff will give you a mask upon arrival. If you have your own mask, you will still need to use the one provided. The wearing of the mask is compulsory for all patients at all times in the clinic.
  • The social distancing rule of 2 meters must be respected and instructions must be followed.
  • Please come unaccompanied as much as possible.
  • At the time of booking your appointment, you will be asked questions regarding COVID-19.
  • A COVID-19 symptom-free form must be signed at each of your appointments.
  • If, between booking the appointment and the date of your appointment, your condition has changed and you answer “yes” to one of the 4 questions on the following list, it is important to contact the clinic to cancel your appointment as a preventive measure.
    1. Do you have any of the following symptoms: fever, cough, difficulty breathing, diarrhea, loss of taste or smell?
    2. Have you returned from a trip outside the country less than 14 days ago?
    3. Have you had a positive COVID-19 test less than a month ago or are you waiting for a test result?
    4. Have you been in close contact with a confirmed or probable COVID-19 case less than 14 days ago? *

    * If you are a healthcare worker and you answered “YES” to question 4, as long as you are wearing the appropriate PPE, your appointment can be kept.

We take care of your safety

Kinatex Sports Physio thanks you for your attention to these hygiene measures, thus ensuring a safe environment for all!

The management,

Kinatex Sports Physio
March 26 2021