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KinatexCOVID-19 Prevention & precautionary measures

Notice to all clients

Kinatex Sports Physio is counting on the cooperation of all their staff to ensure that the exceptional measures to contain the propagation of COVID-19 announced by the Quebec government as well as the recommendations of the different professional orders are respected. Regarding upcoming appointments, please refer to the following hygiene measures we have put in place in our clinics.

Procedures for Kinatex Sports Physio staff

✓ Washing or disinfect hands is mandatory when entering and leaving the clinic as well as in between patients.
✓ Many measures have been taken within the physical space of the clinic to respect social distancing.
✓ All staff must wear a mask, a uniform, and a visor or safety glasses depending on the condition being treated.
✓ All instruments and hard surfaces are disinfected frequently during the day to insure safety.

Procedures asked of our patients during their clinic visit

✓ We ask whenever possible to attend treatment sessions without a companion and to limit the unnecessary time in our waiting room.

✓ The cold weather is coming and we ask that you bring a pair of shoes, slippers or a second pair of socks to go around the clinic.
✓ All patients must wash or disinfect their hands upon entering and exiting the clinic.
✓ The receptionist will give a mask to each patient on their arrival. Wearing a mask is mandatory
for all patients at all times.
✓ The distancing rule of 2 meters must be respected when not in treatment.
✓ You answered a questionnaire concerning COVID-19 when taking your appointment by telephone.
If your condition has changed and you now answer ‘yes’ to one of the following questions on the day of your appointment in clinic, we ask you to call the clinic and cancel your appointment.

1. I am presenting with one of the following signs: fever, cough (new or worse), difficulty breathing, diarrhea, loss of smell without nasal congestion with or without loss of taste?
2. I am presenting at least 2 of the following signs : a general symptom (headache, severe fatigue, severe loss of appetite) and / or sore throat and / or diarrhea?
3. Are you awaiting a test screening and / or have you been instructed to isolate yourself?
4. Have you been in contact with a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19 for less than 14 days?

Your security we take careMC

Our entire team thanks you for your attention in these enhanced hygiene measures, and thusly ensuring a safe environment for everyone!

The management,

Kinatex Sports Physio
October 4th 2021