Kinatex Golf Program

The objective of the Kinatex Sports Physio golf program is to prevent injuries by optimizing your physical capacities for golf by working on various aspects, such as flexibility, strength and muscular control of the lower limbs, hips, pelvis, back, neck and shoulders.

Who can benefit from the Golf Program?

The golf program is open to all golf enthusiasts, regardless of age and level.

Specifically, the program is particularly relevant for those who:

  • Feel pain or discomfort during golf practices
  • Wish to improve their physical mobility in order to optimize their golf swing
  • Wish to establish or restore a certain consistency in their game
  • Want to return to the course in better shape after an injury or several months off
  • Is a golf novice and is looking to start off with a solid foundation

What is the Golf Program?

The program is a 60-minute session with a physiotherapist who has a certification from the Titleist Performance Institute.

The therapist will conduct a specific golf assessment and build a personalized exercise program tailored to your biomechanics. The exercises and techniques taught will make a difference in your well-being on the course and will make playing fun again!

The golf program generally includes:

  • A complete joint and muscle biomechanical analysis (TPI assessment in twelve specific points)
  • A golf diagnosis and the identification of specific areas to work on
  • A personalized exercise program
  • A supervised exercise session if required

Follow-up sessions may be recommended depending on your condition, your wants and your goals.

Physiotherapy, massotherapy, occupational therapy, and nutritional programs can also be added to your program according to your needs.

Why Consult a Kinatex Golf Expert Therapist?

Our golf therapists are all certified by the Titleist Performance Institute.

The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) is an educational organization recognized worldwide for its research center dedicated to how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing. This program is as much for amateur as for professional golfers.

The golf program:

  • Improves the efficiency and fluidity of your momentum
  • Reduces the pain and discomfort associated with playing
  • Reduces the risk of injury
  • Reduces fatigue during and after your round of golf
  • Optimizes your physical condition
  • And we hope … will improve your overall game!

Kinatex: A Multidisciplinary Team

If necessary, meetings with a sports doctor, an occupational therapist, a nutritionist, an osteopath or a kinesiologist can also be added to your program. If you already have a personal trainer, we will be happy to work with them as well.