KinatexKinatex Île-des-Soeurs

At Kinatex Sports Physio Île-Des-Soeurs, you will receive a personalized treatment performed by qualified therapists in a friendly environment.

Physiotherapist, osteopath, massage therapist, acupuncturist, temporo-mandibular specialist, running consultant and orthotist work in synergy to provide the best services for our patients.

All our professionals at Kinatex Île-Des-Soeurs distinguish themselves by their competence and commitment and regularly follow post-graduate education to ensure the best quality care.

Kinatex Île-des-Soeurs

Our address
320 Chemin du Golf
Île-Des-Soeurs (QC), H3E 1A8
514 768-3939
514 768-6923 (FAX)
Spoken languages

French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian

Business hours
Sunday :
Monday :
07:00 TO 21:00
Tuesday :
07:00 TO 21:00
Wednesday :
07:00 TO 21:00
Thursday :
07:00 TO 21:00
Friday :
07:00 TO 19:00
Saturday :

Our team

Nahara Bauchwitz
Antonio Cicci
Pierre Joly
Moji Kamali
Sylvie Lavigueur
Audrey Legris
Daniela Lizarraga
Vanessa Piché
Sergio Rios
Fernanda Rodrigues