KinatexSocial Engagement

Each year, Kinatex Sports Physio supports several causes and events for a better quality of life in our community through sponsors and donations. We are proud to partner with the organizations below as they all try to make a difference through concrete actions. Kinatex Sports Physio believes that paying it forward is what drives mutual cooperation and sharing.

As Kinatex Sports Physio’s mission statement is centered on health, especially children’s health, we have decided to partner with a foundation we know we can trust: Fondation centre de cancérologie Charles-Bruneau.

Since 2008, Kinatex Sports Physio has been deeply involved in support for children with cancer by sponsoring one of the most prominent fundraising events: the Tour CIBC Charles-Bruneau! First as a presenting sponsor of the Midis du Tour, Kinatex Sports Physio became a glove and water bottle sponsor for cyclists during the Tour and handed over more than $83,274 in donations and sponsors over the course of its eight-year partnership!

As does everyone at Fondation centre de cancérologie Charles-Bruneau, Kinatex Sports Physio one day wishes to hear these children say: “When I grow up, I’ll be cured!”

Kinatex Sports Physio feels very strongly about the activities of Défi sportif and is delighted to support this event year after year since 1990.

Our therapists are involved in several of Défi Sportif’s events and provide injury as well as first-aid treatments to handicapped athletes. We are proud to contribute to the personal growth of these teenagers with limited physical abilities.


In 2013, Kinatex Sports Physio got involved with the Arthritis Society, the largest non-government funder of arthritis research in the country.

An increasing number of people are diagnosed with arthritis every year, which is why Kinatex Sports Physio gets involved in various events organized by the Arthritis Society. Through this partnership, Kinatex wishes to support and help the Society develop and meet its research objectives in order to one day eradicate this scourge.

Since 2012, Kinatex Sports Physio has supported neurosurgical research by taking on an active role in Fondation CHU de Québec’s Kilimanjaro challenge. This event takes place at the Chute-Montmorency park in Québec to raise money for neurosurgical research.

Two dedicated teams from Kinatex support and cheer on these brave individuals in their quest to go up and down the 487 steps at the Chute-Montmorency park 10 times, which is the actual height of the Kilimanjaro, or 5,882 meters!