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About us

Founded in 1982, Kinatex Sports Physio is a pioneer institution in physical therapy in the province of Quebec. Ever since its inception, the Kinatex banner has skyrocketed with more than 40 clinics to this day and nearly 450 health employees from all walks of the trade. Kinatex operates in Montréal, La Montérégie, Lanaudière, Les Laurentides, Laval, and Québec.

Our greatest strength lies in the centralized structure of our organization, which allows us to provide professional support to each of our branches, be it at the human resources, financial, or information technology level. The Continuing Education Committee helps our health professionals participate in conferences and workshops on industry best practices.

Our motivation, performance, skills and efforts are all focused on striving for excellence, which has allowed us to gain undisputable notoriety recognized both by the general public and high-level athletes and sports groups. Thanks to these achievements, Kinatex Sports Physio has become the official clinic for several sports organizations, namely:

Since its creation, several associations, organizations, and sports groups have partnered with Kinatex for the provision of health care to their athletes, namely:

Kinatex Sports Physio consistently strives for excellence through a steady growth in the number of its branches and high quality standards, all while being recognized as an employer of choice by the best health professionals in the industry.