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What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient philosophy of life which includes a system of exercises designed to achieve a state of balance between the mind and the body. The discipline of hatha yoga combines deep breathing techniques, physical postures and relaxation. Practiced widely by people of all ages, Hatha Yoga is recommended for stress reduction and overall health and well-being. The result of a session is an overall feeling of an energized body and a relaxed mind: a sensation which can be explained only by experience.

What is Yogatherapy?

Yoga therapy draws from the wide range of yoga techniques, and applies them to the specific needs of the patient. The yoga therapist takes into account one’s physical, physiological and psychological balance, lifestyle factors, and the infinite possibility of combination between these, and adapts the session accordingly.

Each session includes an explanation of how the body works, an investigation of their own health, and how yoga can bring it back to balance. The process of cognitive and somatic reconditioning is implemented during, and in between, sessions enabling the patient to integrate the changes into their life.

Yogatherapy is used to help reduce and manage stress, to improve circulation and digestion, to learn techniques for deep sleep and overcome insomnia, to help manage and reduce hypertension, to overcome mood disorders such as depression, anxiety and ADHD, to overcome physical discomfort caused by sciatica, lower back pain and injuries, to improve alignment and posture (biomechanics of a sport, sitting at a desk,) to develop a routine of postures specific to your needs, or, simply to understand how to achieve OPTIMAL HEALTH.

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