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Sports Medicine


A doctor who practices sports medicine is dedicated to the practice of medicine as it applies to physical activity, for the better good of the individual to promote health, prevention and the encouragement of sport.

A sports medicine doctor has specialized training and the necessary skills that allows them to provide the proper care and management for patients that engage in physical activity. They have special interest in the promotion of health, wellness, prevention, fitness and the diagnosis and treatment of sports related injury and disease.

To become recognized as a Sports medicine doctor they must first become part of the Canadian Academy of Sports Medicine (CASM) and partake in a standardized evaluation process. A Sports Medicine doctor must have considerable knowledge in many areas and disciplines such as; the ability to diagnose, recognize and treat injuries and illnesses, to recommend exercise programs, perform pre-participation physicals, have knowledge of current pharmaceutical needs for injury management, doping control and supplements and coordinate the rehabilitation and eventual return to sport or activity with other health professionals. They must be able to interpret laboratory results, be knowledgeable in environmental and travel issues, nutrition, gender and sex related issues, and the list goes on.

Sports Medicine doctors show a commitment towards sport and physical activity, prevention of injuries, health promotion and safety. They can be seen working on the sidelines ready for any emergency that might arise with professional teams, clubs, universities, and National and Provincial teams. They also work in association with Physiotherapy and Athletic Therapy clinics to convey their acquired skills, ability and knowledge to regular weekend warriors who injure themselves. They attend regular continuing education courses, conferences and seminars to stay abreast with the latest information, treatment options and injury trends. They provide recommendations to sporting organizations to improve sport safety and reduce the potential for injury. They also educate coaches, athletes, parents, officials and administrators on the benefits of exercise, and the prevention, awareness and recognition of injury.

A sports medicine doctor has many shoes to fill and because of that requires many special skills, knowledge and abilities to make them all fit. Kinatex Sports Physio has several sports medicine doctors affiliated with our clinics, visit our website at for more information and locations that offer sports medicine consultations.  For more details on “What is a Sports Medicine doctor” visit the Canadian Academy of Sports Medicine.

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