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Vestibular Rehabilitation


What is Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (B.P.P.V.)

Following head trauma, a period of fatigue or labyrintitis, small crystals can detach from the utricle of the inner ear and float freely in the semi-circular canals.  These crystals then disturb normal movement of the endolymph, provoking temporary disorder of the vestibulo-occular reflex.  A patient presents with pathological nystagmus, or involuntary eye movements, and an intense sensation of dizziness that can last between 5-30 seconds with any movement of the head.


Your doctor diagnoses Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (B.P.P.V.)?

A physiotherapist can help you!

Did you know that a physiotherapist specializing in the vestibular system can help you?

Following an evaluation confirming the presence of positional vertigo, your physiotherapist can perform a few painless maneuvers.  The technique involves specific head positions encouraging the crystals out of the semi-circular canals and back into the utricle.  As this occurs, symptoms of dizziness and nystagmus reduce. Very often, after only one or two treatments, the dizziness disappears.

Do not let this little problem limit your activities.  Come meet one of our specialists without delay!