Ultrasound Imaging of the Abdominal Muscles


Ultrasound imaging of the abdominal muscles is a procedure that is becoming increasingly popular in the rehabilitation field as it permits the visualization of the activation of the muscles that are needed to stabilize the back.

Research has demonstrated that certain muscles in the back and the abdomen have a tendency to become inhibited in the presence of low back or pelvic pain (regardless of the origin). These muscles have to be re-trained in a specific manner in order for the symptoms to be ameliorated.  As it is sometimes difficult to know if they are being properly re-trained, the ultrasound lets us visualize and identify the various strategies that will allow for an optimal rehabilitation. Thus, with the visual feedback, we can be more efficient and limit the frustrations that can be associated with the activation of muscles that we don’t see or feel normally.

The ultrasound is also very helpful in pelvic floor rehabilitation and allows the therapist a better evaluation and again, greater efficiency.

This service is offered in the following clinics :

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