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KinatexOncology program

Oncology program

In recent years, both the medical and treatment interventions for cancer have advanced greatly. Nonetheless, cancer patients still remain at an increased risk for experiencing physical impairments such as cancer-related fatigue, pain, frozen shoulder and postural dysfunctions, as a result of their cancer and/or cancer treatments.
Fortunately, the vast majority of these impairments can be managed by a physiotherapist specialized in cancer rehabilitation with the use of a variety of treatment techniques.
Our oncology program offers rehabilitation services for newly diagnosed patients, those undergoing active treatment and those in remission. The goal of cancer rehabilitation is to ultimately help patients regain and improve their strength, daily function, autonomy and quality of life.
Following a detailed evaluation, the physiotherapist will work with you and your oncologist to provide you with educational tools and to establish an individualized treatment plan addressing all your rehabilitation needs.
Conditions Treated :
✓ Axillary web syndrome
✓ Lymphedema
✓ Scar tissue restrictions
✓ Cachexia
✓ Decreased joint mobility
✓ Balance disturbances
✓ Cancer-related fatigue
✓ Postural changes
✓ Chemo-induced peripheral neuropathy

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