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Functional Rehabilitation


Physical therapists are great problem solvers. Many gaps exist in our current health care system with regards to the accessibility of care in physical therapy.

Obstacles such as not having a specific diagnosis or not having the worst case of an illness can cause a person to be caught in the grey zone of public healthcare; these problems can render public services unobtainable when you need them the most. This program aims to help fill in these gaps by offering patients access to physical therapists to help problem solve their rehabilitation needs.  Patients are seen by a qualified physical therapist for 1 hour follow ups where a combined approach of guided exercises, manual therapy and self management is used to assist people with their goals of treatment. This extra time allows for the therapist and patient to address more complex issues. Who can benefit from functional rehab:

-People on waiting lists for rehab centres who have multiple sclerosis, stroke, parkinson’s disease and other neurological conditions.

-People who are deconditioned after cancer treatment or severe illness who do no meet the criteria for public rehabilitation services and are not yet ready to join a gym.

-People who are in a geriatric population and require supervision at all times during exercises.

Depending on the specific needs of the client, functional rehab can be used for long term care, as an intermediate between going to a rehab centre, or it can be used as a stepping stone towards retuning back to the community.