Bike Fitting
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Bike Fitting

The objective of the Bike Ergonomics program is to ensure the cyclist or triathlete and their bicycle work in harmony because of the correct set up of these three key parts: the pedals, seat, and handlebars. 

These three parts must be individually adjusted based on the health and physical ability of the cyclist (flexibility, muscle weaknesses, movement restrictions), as well as the cyclist’s goals (recreational, cycling, competitiveness) and experience (duration of practice, type of cycling, triathlon…).

The Physio Bike Clinic brings together certified therapists who offer a global solution by analyzing the cyclist’s body, background, and goals, as well as the bicycle’s setup.

Who is the Bike Ergonomics Program for?

The program is open to all cyclists, regardless of age and level.

Specifically, the program is particularly relevant for those who:

  • Feel pain or discomfort during bike rides
  • Wish to improve their performance
  • Want to achieve a goal, such as a triathlon, a particular sporting event or competition
  • Want to get back into cycling after an injury or several months off 
  • Are a beginner and want to start off with a solid foundation

What is the Bike Ergonomics Program?

The program consists of a 120-minute session with a physiotherapist who has an expertise in cycling.

The bike ergonomics program generally includes:

  • An interview aimed at identifying the cyclist’s needs
  • Assessment of overall flexibility
  • Assessing the strength of key muscles 
  • Morphological analysis of the feet
  • Adjustment of the pedals
  • Adjustment of the seat
  • Adjustment of the handlebars 
  • Personalized exercises, if necessary

A Personalized 3-Pronged Approach 

  1. Bike Adjustments

Analysis and adjustment of the seat, pedals and handlebars.

  1. Manual Orthopedic Therapy

The therapist uses mobilization techniques and specific movements to help regain a greater range of motion, greater muscular flexibility, and greater joint mobility.

  1. Therapeutic Exercises 

Specialized exercises for injury prevention and performance optimization.

Why Consult a Therapist with an Expertise in Bike Ergonomics?

In addition to analyzing and adjusting the seat, pedals and handlebars according to your physiology, the therapist also evaluates your posture, your past injuries, as well as the balance, strength and flexibility of certain key muscles used in cycling.

The therapist can also provide appropriate exercises in order to prevent injuries and optimize your performance while taking care of treating any physical condition.

Kinatex: A Multidisciplinary Team

If necessary, meetings with a sports doctor, an occupational therapist, a nutritionist, an osteopath or a kinesiologist can also be added to your program. If you already have a personal trainer, we will be happy to work with them as well.