Running Program


An expert in running will provide a runner with the knowledge and ability to safely practice their sport and improve their performance. The expert will create a personalized program designed to help achieve one’s goals by assessing the runner and their running gait.

Who should sign up for the Running Program?

The running program is open to all runners, regardless of age and level.

Specifically, the program is particularly relevant for those who:

  • Feel pain or discomfort before, during and / or after running sessions
  • Wish to improve their performance
  • Want to establish or restore a certain consistency
  • Train for a sporting event (half-marathon, marathon, triathlon, etc.)
  • Want to return to running after an injury or after stopping for any period of time
  • Are new to running and want to start with a good foundation
  • Want to prevent any risk of injury

What is the Running Program?

The program is a 60-minute session with a therapist who is certified by the Runner’s Clinic and has developed an expertise in running. The objective is to offer advice that will allow the runner to better perceive the movements and techniques, rather than intellectualize them.

The running program includes the following:

  • Drawing a portrait of your health history
  • Establishing your goals and training
  • Performing a biomechanical analysis
  • Performing a 3-step video analysis to assess your running gait pattern
  • Creating a personalized program specific to running
  • Advice on the choice and transition of running shoes, if necessary
  • Recommendations on training progress and performance monitoring

Follow-up sessions may be recommended depending on your condition, your needs and your goals.

Physiotherapy, massage therapy, occupational therapy or nutritional programs can also be added to your program according to your needs.

Why Consult a Therapist who is an Expert in Running?

The therapist with an expertise in running will conduct a specific evaluation for the runner and will build a personalized exercise program adapted to your biomechanics. Your overall well being will improve with the exercises and techniques that will be taught during your running session and will allow you to once again find pleasure in running!

Certified by the Runner’s Clinic, our therapists are trained to evaluate and prevent injuries related to running.

The Running Program will:

  • Improve the efficiency and fluidity of your movements while running
  • Reduce the pain and discomfort associated with running
  • Reduce and prevent the risk of injury
  • Reduce fatigue during or after your run
  • Optimize your physical condition
  • Improve your performance