Capacity development program

This intensive, individualized program is designed for clients who

  1. Suffer with chronic pain or who are experiencing physical deconditioning
  2. Have reached a plateau with conventional treatments.

Target audience

CNESST, SAAQ, IVAC, and any person who is on medical leave due to a chronic musculoskeletal condition.

Capacity Development Program objectives

To optimize the physical, cardiovascular and functional capacities of our clients in order to promote a return to work that is safe and sustainable.

Our interdisciplinary team:

  • Occupational Therapist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Physiotherapy technologist
  • Kinesiologist
  • Psychologist

Treatment methods include

Sessions to educate patients on various topics such as chronic pain and self-management strategies, postural hygiene, conservation of energy, joint protection and sleep hygiene to name a few.

Simulated work tasks that are gradually intensified in an efficient and safe manner with the objective of improving positional and repetitive tolerances as well as load handling abilities such as lifting, carrying and pushing/pulling.

Retraining in cardiovascular functions, plus flexibility, balance and endurance exercises as well as coordination skills training.

Psycho-education and cognitive-behavioural therapy sessions, which address psychosocial barriers that may impede return to work.

Capacity Development Program details

This program is offered on a full-time basis (5 hours per day) from Monday to Friday.
** It is also possible to join the program on a part-time basis and gradually increase your participation based on your observed progress.

Admission to the program

Your attending physician’s permission is required for admission to the program. Thereafter, you must obtain approval from the CNESST, the SAAQ, the IVAC or your insurance company.


If you require additional clarifications on eligibility criteria or details on what the program entails, please contact a clinic in your area.

This service is offered in the following clinics :

Region of Montréal