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Occupational Therapy


Occupational Therapy is a health profession dedicated to the promotion of health, the evaluation and treatment of occupational injuries and well-being. An occupation is considered to be everything people do on a daily basis. Occupational Therapists treatment objectives enable people to participate and function properly in the activities of daily life, whether it is at home, work or play.

Limitations can be the result of illness, disease, injury, disability or an accident that limit ones ability to function on a daily basis. Occupational Therapists assess and evaluate injury risk factors as it relates to an occupation. They offer solutions to injury risk factors in the workplace, at home, within the community and among associations. They rehabilitate individuals with the difficulty of performing regular occupational functions. They help people achieve independence; they assist in daily living by developing the skills required for daily living.


You will find Occupational Therapists employed with community agencies like the CLSC, health care organizations (hospitals, chronic care facilities, rehabilitation hospitals, etc), Physiotherapy clinics, schools, social agencies and in the industrial setting.

The benefits Occupational Therapists provide include a customized treatment program to:

  • Improve on and adapt solutions to improving the ability to perform daily activities
  • Provide on-site home or work evaluations and provide adaptive and preventive measures
  • Assessment and treatment for specialized skills
  • Equipment training and recommended usage
  • Provide informative information and guidance to family and care givers for home care

What do they treat?

From children with Autism to senior home care modifications, to the school and children with disabilities, to the rehab centre rehabilitating a worker back to shape following a work accident, Occupational Therapists treat a wide variety of conditions and people of all ages and abilities. Other conditions or illnesses that could benefit from the care of an Occupational Therapist include; Chronic low back pain, repetitive strain injuries, stroke or heart attack rehabilitation, Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis and other serious chronic conditions, learning and developmental disabilities, mental and behavioral problems, burns and spinal cord rehabilitation and motor vehicle accidents.

If you think Occupational Therapy could be beneficial for you or someone you know please contact your local Kinatex Sports Physio clinic for more information.