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Occupational Therapy

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What is Occupational Therapy?

The occupational therapist’s role is to help a person maintain their autonomy with daily activities at home or at work, while taking into account psychosocial and environmental factors. The occupational therapist will evaluate your condition, work with you to establish important goals, and provide an intervention plan to help reach those goals. 

Whether your goal is to resume your nightly after dinner walks, your regular work tasks, your weekly round of golf, or to clean your house autonomously, one of our occupational therapists, all members of the l’Ordre des Ergothérapeutes du Québec, will be happy to work in partnership with you. 

Occupational therapists can assist people whose autonomy has been affected by physical or mental issues. Occupational therapists can work with people of all ages. 

Occupational Therapy: Available Services


The occupational therapist will meet with you to evaluate the physical and/or mental issues preventing you from being able to complete important activities such as work. The therapist will suggest an intervention plan in line with your pre-established goals. The intervention plan can be adjusted over time based on reported or observed behaviour or on changes in goals. 

Whether it is through functional exercises, simulation of work tasks, preventive principles (postural exercises, body biomechanics, joint protection, energy conservation and pain management) or management of your schedule, the occupational therapist will help you regain as much autonomy as possible in order to help you resume your activities. 

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Workspace Assessment

The occupational therapist can visit your place of work to evaluate your physical environment and your work habits. This evaluation will then lead to an intervention plan based on previously discussed goals.

The occupational therapist can suggest physical changes to your workspace, for example, by recommending new equipment, or by making modifications to your work habits, for example, with your posture. 

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Driver’s Assessment

The occupational therapist can evaluate your physical and/or mental issues that may be affecting your ability to drive a car. 

It may happen that following a change to your health, an accident, or at the request of your doctor, the SAAQ may ask you to provide an evaluation by an occupational therapist on your ability to safely drive a car. 

Contact one of our clinics offering this service and an occupational therapist will take the time to go over the various steps of the assessment with you over the phone.  

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Adapted Transportation/Parking Permit

The occupational therapist can evaluate your physical and/or mental issues that may be affecting your ability to get around. The occupational therapist can inform organizations aimed at optimizing your autonomy when traveling by filling out an application form for mobility impaired transit in your region or by completing the forms for obtaining a parking permit for people with reduced mobility.

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Assessment/Adaptation for Home Care

The occupational therapist can evaluate your autonomy at home with real-life scenarios and provide clear steps and actions to take in order to remain safe.