Personalized Training Program

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What is a Personalized Training Program?

One of the kinesiologist’s or Athletic Therapist’s roles is to create a personalized training program for their clients. This program will take into consideration the client’s objectives, physical limitations, current physical fitness level, as well the client’s training experience and preferences.

Ideally, a kinesiologist or an Athletic Therapist is involved in a client’s care in order to prevent injuries, not treat them. They can also assist with helping prevent recurring injuries. They both advises, demonstrates exercises, and educates their clients on best practices to ensure any and all physical training is done safely.

Before a training program can be created, a physical fitness evaluation will often be required.

Why consult a Kinesiologist or an Athletic Therapist for a Personalized Training Program?

There are various reasons for wanting a personalized training program. The therapist will always consider your goals, limitations and preferences when creating a program. A personalized training program is appropriate for everyone, whether you are a beginner or have advanced experience in physical training.

  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle and habits;
  • Prevent chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, etc.;
  • Support following an injury and prevention of relapse;
  • Receive an exercise program adapted to your physical fitness level and health condition (injury, chronic disease, osteoarthritis, etc.);
  • Consideration of your goals (fitness, weight loss, health, stress management, etc.);
  • Receive demonstrations and explanations of the exercises in order to perform them safely and effectively;
  • Obtain advice on how to stay motivated;
  • Maximize an athlete’s performance by monitoring their progress and adjusting the program as needed;
  • Develop physical abilities and optimize athletic performance.

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Kinesiologist or Private Trainer?

All kinesiologists have a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and sometimes even a masters or doctorate. As members of the Fédération des Kinésiologues du Québec, they must ensure their knowledge and skills are current and they must participate in on-going training.

It is important to note that some private trainers in gyms may also have a kinesiology degree.

Appointments: What to expect

1st Appointment: Evaluation

For the first appointment, you should expect to:

  • Discuss your objectives, experiences, and preferences regarding training with your kinesiologist or Athletic Therapist
  • Take relevant medical tests in line with your objectives (waist size, body mass, blood pressure, heart rate, etc.) at a resting state
  • Take physical tests to evaluate current fitness level
  • Determine if there are any physical limitations

Following the first appointment, the therapist will be able to create a training program which will respect your goals and preferences. They will also take into consideration your strengths and weaknesses. The kinesiologist or Athletic Therapist will not handover the training program at the end of the first appointment. They will go over the program and demonstrate the exercises during a second appointment.

2nd Appointment: Demonstration of the Training Program

Your training program will be shared with you during this second appointment. During this appointment, your therapist will:

  • Explain the training program
  • Demonstrate the exercises
  • Watch you practice the exercises and provide guidance and corrections as needed
  • Add, modify or remove certain exercises as needed

Follow Up Appointments

Once the kinesiologist or Athletic Therapist has gone over the training program, follow up appointments may be made. These will allow you to:

  • Ensure that the exercises in the program are well executed
  • Adjust the program as needed
  • Evaluate progress with muscular, cardiovascular, and other various tests
  • Establish new goals
  • Review specific training techniques
  • Help with motivation to maintain or adopt healthy lifestyle and habits

Private Training

When meeting with your kinesiologist or Athletic Therapist, it is possible to also make an appointment for a private, supervised training session. This is an opportunity to go over the training program, get advice to ensure the exercises are done correctly and to stay motivated.

The kinesiologists and Certified Athletic Therapists at Kinatex Sports Physio are available for consultations in clinic or remotely via telerehabilitation.