Chiropractic – Temporo-mandibular (TMJ)

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the joint of the jaw, located in front of the ear. In addition to causing cracking and jaw pain, dysfunctions in this area can lead to head, face and neck pain as well as pressure and ringing in the ear.

 TMJ Consultation:

Detailed examination of the TM joint, the cervical spine and posture by a specialized chiropractor;

 Development of a treatment plan, which may include joint mobilizations, myofascial release and motor control & postural exercises;

 Collaboration and communication with related health care professionals (dentists, dental surgeons, doctors).

Recommended for:

  • Restoring the optimal biomechanics of the TMJ;
  • Reducing pain and dysfunction of the TMJ

 Reducing joint clicking and locking, improving range of movement of the TMJ;

 Improving posture and mobility in the cervical region;

 Improving respiratory mechanics;

 Regulating the muscle tone in the neck and jaw;

 Treating headaches, migraines and orofacial pain.

This service is offered in the following clinics :