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Tennis and Physiotherapy: Winning Partners

2020/06/05 Home Education and advice

Tennis and Physiotherapy: Winning Partners

Tennis has many followers in Quebec and Canada. It is a sport that involves rapid and repeated movements. Consulting a therapist can help you heal from or prevent injuries as well as improve your performance.

What are the Common Problems associated with playing Tennis?

Injuries specific to this sport vary according to the player’s level, experience and frequency of play. The most common injuries are:

  • Overworked shoulder conditions (rotator cuff tear, tendinopathy, etc.)
  • Injuries to the side of the elbow (tennis elbow and others)
  • Back pain (cervical or lumbar sprain)
  • Ankle ligament sprains
  • Muscle elongations behind the thigh and calf
  • Knee ligament sprains

What are the Causes for such injuries or pain?

Several factors can be probable causes:

  • Player experience and technique
  • Inadequate or improperly used equipment
  • Biomechanical restrictions
  • Poor muscle stabilization or proprioception

When should you consult a Physiotherapist?

If you experience pain while playing tennis (elbow, shoulder, ankle, etc.) or if the pain occurs after a game and lasts more than a week, these are signs that you should consult a tennis therapist. An untreated injury can get worse and may increase the time it takes to get back to the game. Remember that good biomechanics can prevent many injuries and unnecessary pain.

Who should see a Physiotherapist?

Regardless of skill or performance level, anyone can benefit from a session with a physiotherapist. The problems encountered or pain level may vary depending on whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced tennis player or whether you are an amateur or professional. In any case, your therapist will be able to adapt to your level and objectives to offer you a personalized treatment.

Why consult a Physiotherapist for Tennis?

Whether preventively or curatively, a physiotherapist can help you play better.

Concretely, a session with a physiotherapist is recommended for players who:

  • Wish to improve their performance 
  • Want to reduce the risk of injury while playing
  • Have specific goals
  • Seek to improve the efficiency of their movements 
  • Feel discomfort or pain during or after a game
  • Want to get back into tennis after an injury or a long break

What Advice or Treatment can be given to Tennis players?

The treatments and advice offered to tennis players will be tailored to their player profile, goals and needs.

Whether you consult a therapist for a specific injury or preventively, the physiotherapist will:

  • Analyze your health (past and present) and any past injuries
  • Evaluate the mobility and flexibility of your muscles and joints
  • Evaluate your movements and recommend corrections if necessary
  • Offer exercises to work on mobility, flexibility, strength and endurance of muscles and joints
  • Provide exercises to reduce the risk of injury

When necessary, specialized physiotherapy treatments may be recommended. As physiotherapists often work in collaboration with other therapists, sessions in massage therapy, occupational therapy, osteopathy, kinesiology or nutrition may be suggested as a complement to other treatments.

Kinatex: A Multidisciplinary Team

If necessary, meetings with a sports doctor, an occupational therapist, a nutritionist, an osteopath or a kinesiologist can also be added to your program. If you already have a personal trainer, we will be happy to work with them as well.

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