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2016/08/29 Home Education and advice


Shin splints is used to describe pain in the front or lower inner shin. It is part of the general group of “overuse injuries”.
A stress fracture is a fracture caused by repetitive impacts or stress.  It will give you more of a deep radiating pain that is worse with weight bearing activities.

Causes: Shin splint is a common injury for runners.  This pain will often come as a result of going too fast too soon or suddenly increasing your intensity or frequency.
Stress fracture is also common in strenuous sports with weight bearing and running in particular.Pain:
Shin splints will often decrease with your warmup whereas fracture will persistTreatment:
Shin splints can be treated in physiotherapy with

  • Manual therapy and soft tissue release techniques.  Evaluation of the ankle mobility is often needed to correct mechanical problems.
  • Exercises: stretching and strengthening (concentric and excentric)
  • Electrotherapy modalities and ice application for inflammation
  • proprioceptive taping
  • activity modification and posture correction
  • footwear modification

A stress fracture requires 6-8 weeks off impact activity, rest and sometimes even a cast or splint to prevent re-injury during the healing process.

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