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2016/08/29 Home Education and advice


Certain types of headaches are of cervical origin, which is to say that muscle tension or stiffness in the neck can irritate nerves and cause pain.

Such pain will often be located in the occipital region, the back of the head, or at the temples.

The causes of headaches are numerous and can be due either to poor posture in general or at work, or be the result of an automobile accident or other trauma. In certain cases, headaches can reveal an underlying illness, and should be investigated in greater detail.

The physiotherapist will assess your overall condition, compile a list of problems, and establish a treatment plan with you.

Your physiotherapist will reduce pressure on the nerve using manipulative therapy techniques that help eliminate joint stiffness.

Your physiotherapist is also familiar with various techniques to help decrease muscle tension, and will teach you specific and personalized exercises that help correct posture and render musculature stronger and more flexible.

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