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2016/08/29 Home Education and advice


A fracture is the rupturing of a bone, generally caused by a fall or trauma.

Fractures aren’t generally dangerous. However, fractures may become displaced and shift too close to vital organs (cranial or rib fracture for example).

One possible complication of a neglected fracture is bone misalignment, which can lead to arthrosis in certain articulations.

However, during the initial assessment, the therapist might reveal signs of fracture and refer the patient to a medical professional for further investigation.

In general, physiotherapists do not treat fractures directly. Fractures can take up to 8 weeks to mend, and surgery may sometimes be necessary to realign fractured segments.

The physiotherapist will normally become involved following medical intervention (cast, brace or surgery). The physiotherapist’s objective is to ensure recovery of optimal function:

·     Range of motion;

·     Strength;

·     Muscle flexibility;

·     Soft tissue flexibility (such as skin) among other things, if scarring is present.

Treatment consists of manipulative therapy techniques, personalized exercise programs, tissue techniques, or procedures involving electrotherapy/cold/heat if required.


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