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2016/06/20 Home Education and advice



  • Taping is a technique used to support or minimize unwanted movement while permitting the desired range of motion.
  • Athletic taping is often used in sports for various injuries and joints.
  • Taping can be used for various reasons depending on the injury and desired objectives: support, facilitation, muscular inhibition, compression, and the reduction of pain and spasms.
  • Different kinds of taping are used depending on indications: athletic taping, elastic taping, neuro-proprioceptive taping.

During rehabilitation, taping is used as a protection mechanism during the healing and the return to play.

In the acute phase, taping can help minimize excessive joint movement, thereby reducing pain and inflammation and protecting the affected area from further complications.

Once the injury has healed, taping is used to protect the joint and to prevent re-injury during the adaptation period and return to play.

Taping is one of many treatment tools employed by physiotherapists. It is used as part of a complete treatment plan that includes exercises, manipulative therapy, other techniques and a follow-up of the athlete for a gradual return to play.

Our physiotherapists and sports therapists adapt their use of taping to the athlete’s condition, sport and individual needs to ensure a safe and speedy return to play!

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