The benefits of massage therapy during pregnancy

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The benefits of massage therapy during pregnancy

Massage is beneficial for pregnant women. It will allow you to have a more comfortable pregnancy, for the first or the following ones. These moments of calm will provide a well-deserved relaxation, in a period that can be challenging.

A more flexible musculature will also facilitate easier natural delivery. Your massage therapist can teach you exercises that are focused on improving the perineum’s flexibility.

After delivery, some women may experience a release of the perineum. In this situation, your massage therapist can work with you to strengthen your pelvic floor by teaching you simple exercises that will help your body recover faster.


Why should a pregnant woman enjoy a massage?

– It helps to relieve pain, whether on the back, shoulders, feet or elsewhere.

– It promotes better blood circulation, which helps exchanges between the mother and the baby.

– It helps you breathe deeper.

– It reduces stress by promoting good muscle relaxation and general calm.

– It also reduces calf cramps and the sensation of heavy legs.


Your massage therapist specialized in pregnancy massage will adapt to your needs and will consider the physiological changes that occur throughout your pregnancy. He or she will be able to support you through this period, in many ways, depending on each woman.

Changes that occur during pregnancy can occur at several levels: musculoskeletal, circulatory, digestive, cutaneous, urinary, respiratory, endocrine, etc. Several aspects can therefore be worked on in massage therapy, depending on your discomfort.

The set up on the massage table will be made according to your preferences and your comfort, to offer you a good moment of relaxation: lying on the sides, on the back or on the massage chair. Your massage therapist will help you position yourself with the help of pillows to support your body, just like when you sleep! Changes in positions on the table will also be assisted by your massage therapist to reduce your workload and ensure maximum comfort.

Massage therapy will help you reduce the pain, discomfort and sensations of heavy legs. The massage will also promote breathing and will prepare your body for the big day.

Your massage therapist is available to advise you and answer your questions and concerns. A relaxing experience that will calm body and mind awaits you.



By Katharina Reichherzer

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