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KinatexKinatex Square Victoria

Kinatex Sports Physio Square Victoria, now in the heart of the business district on the prestigious St-Jacques Street.

Professionals at Kinatex Sports Physio Square Victoria practice in a bright, spacious and completely renovated new clinic, in Old Montreal. The clinic is located at 421 Saint Jacques Street, at the corner of McGill, just steps from Square Victoria Metro and Tour de la Bourse.
Our physiotherapists, osteopaths, kinesiologists and massage therapists share an utmost dedication to providing quality care and continuously expand their expertise through training. All our therapists work as one unit to offer the highest quality services and allow you to go on without pain and limitations.

Kinatex Square Victoria

Our address
Square Victoria
421 Saint-Jacques Street
Montreal (QC), H2Y 1N9
Business hours
Sunday :
Monday :
07:00 TO 20:00
Tuesday :
07:00 TO 20:00
Wednesday :
07:00 TO 20:00
Thursday :
07:00 TO 20:00
Friday :
07:00 TO 20:00
Saturday :

Our team

Émilie Bonnavaud
Audrey Ferron
David Guindon
Gabrielle Lafortune
Hugo Rioux
Marika Rousson
James Rouzier
Aurélie Salvas

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