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How to keep exercising during the winter season

2020/06/22 Home Education and advice

How to keep exercising during the winter season

All of a sudden, the days have seemingly grown longer and leaving the house in the morning requires extra layers of clothing and boots.  I think that these are both surefire signs that winter has snuck into our daily routines. While I enjoy the winter season, it is the blistering cold that usually makes exercising less motivating for me.

Don’t you agree?

We have all experienced the trials and tribulations of exercising during the winter season.  Perhaps it is the five layers of insulation we need to put on to protect our body from getting frostbite during a routine 10K run.  Or it is the icy uncleaned sidewalks that make us nervous to go out and walk the dog. Or what about having to wait 10 minutes for the car to warm up before heading out to the gym.  All of these situations can make us discouraged about following through on our exercise goals.

At that point, it is understandable that we would rather just stay snug in bed or in front of a warm fireplace instead of battling the challenges of exercising in the winter time.

But you do not want to let your fitness plans hibernate this winter.  With the right attitude and variety of exercises, winter can be a great season to try out different workouts, get creative and stimulate your enjoyment for fitness.

Exercise is a great way to keep your body moving therefore maintaining your joints and muscles active and keeping your aches and pains away.  It is also a great way to keep those winter blues away!

Here are a few ways to keep motivated and exercising throughout the winter season:

Set out your goals

Our fitness goals should not take a break just because of the winter season.  At this time of the year, you may want to revisit the objectives you have set out for yourself and reconfirm them.  It is important to reflect on previous accomplishments as well as emphasize new goals in the future. With a specific exercise plan scheduled out, all of your goals can be achieved on time!


Go outside and play

Sometimes just «playing» outside can be more invigorating than doing the routine indoor workout.  Playing with the kids or grandchildren can definitely inject some energy to a workout. Grabbing a stick to play street hockey, or going ice skating or snowshoeing through the park are great examples of outdoor fun!


Try new things at home

 Going out in the deep cold of winter is difficult so coming up with new and creative ways to work out in the comforts of your home can be a great alternative.  Perhaps you want to follow new yoga routines on YouTube, invest in a new piece of fitness equipment or use your body weight in functional core programs, these can all be different ways to achieving your fitness goals while staying warm at home.


Do something completely different

Trying out a new class or activity can be a great way to give your winter blues a big boost!  A new class with different people can be highly motivating. The challenge of learning new movements, working different muscles and feeling great after a workout can be motivating for several months until springtime arrives!


Choose one thing and be passionate for it

So we know that winter can take away our motivation to remain active however becoming passionate for a new goal can overcome this feeling.  Try to choose one new goal for yourself this winter season and make it your complete focus. Giving yourself a new goal may take you out of your comfort zone however it can be very stimulating and rewarding at the same time.  Set a smart and realistic goal for yourself and then break it down into smaller achievable steps in order to achieve it.


There you go, five ways to keep exercising during the winter season.  If you have trouble deciding how you want to exercise during the winter, try going out for a walk on a regular basis until you decide on a plan.  Regardless of the ways you choose to overcome the winter blues, do remember to be safe when exercising!

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