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Helpful Hints and What to expect at your first visit

2020/11/30 Home Education and advice

Now that you have booked your first appointment with us, you may still have questions that you would like to be answered. To help you be prepared for your first visit, here’s a list of questions frequently asked by our patients and the answers to each question.

Helpful Hints and What to expect at your first visit

1)  What should I wear to my appointment?

Wear items that enable you to move freely and remain modest in any position. A t-shirt and shorts for men and a camisole and shorts for women are ideal.  Bring the shoes that you use frequently for your regular activities.

2) How long is the appointment?

The length of the appointment will depend on the therapist you will be seeing. The initial visit is 60 minutes with all therapists. The follow-up appointments may range from 30 minutes to 60 minutes depending on the therapist you will be consulting.

3)  What happens during my initial appointment?

During the initial evaluation, we make it a point to be INCREDIBLY detailed so that we get to the root cause of what is troubling you. Then, we get right to work. You will leave with effective exercises and efficient advice to get back to doing what you love right away.

4) How often do I need to see my therapist?

At the initial visit, the therapist will propose a treatment plan specific to the problem that has been evaluated.  This plan will take into consideration all the objectives that have been outlined by the therapist and the patient.  The treatment plan can vary from patient to patient depending on the findings during the initial visit.

5) Is there parking near the building?

There is a parking lot with free parking next to the building. During winter months, please arrive 10-15 minutes in advance to make sure you are able to find parking and attend your appointment on time.

A good learner asks good questions. Be curious and inquisitive with your questions and make sure you get answers. If we do not know the answer, we will do our best to lead you in the right direction or find the answer for you.  Don’t worry, you can ask questions after the first day too.

Rest assured… you made the right choice!

We are looking forward to meeting you at your first appointment!

The Kinatex Sports Physio Ste-Rose team

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