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Tips for running outdoors

2021/06/22 Home Education and advice

Tips for running outdoors

By Rola Abouassaly

With the nice weather approaching, many of us are looking for things to do during the continued Covid-19 restrictions. Running remains to be a popular and less costly activity that can be enjoyed by the entire family. However, an improper technique may lead to unwanted pain and injury. Here are some tips to ensure your experience is a pleasurable one.

  1. Proper warm-up and cool down: Walking 5 minutes before and after your run is recommended to properly warm up/cool down the muscles when going for a run. By doing so, you will decrease your risk of injury.
  2. Start progressively. Start by doing a combination of running and walking at first to get your body used to the impact. Progressively increase your run time and decrease your walk time as you improve your endurance.
  3. Don’t ignore what your body is telling you. A key factor in injuries is people pushing their body past its limit. If you feel pain, it may be wise to reduce your training or seek the expertise of a running specialist.
  4. Run at an optimal pace. Keeping a running pace at around 180 steps per minute will promote increased running efficiency.
  5. Keep it light. Try absorbing the impact by landing in your forefoot rather than heel strike. You shouldn’t be making too much noise when you land softly.

Whether you plan to run with your child in their stroller, or you plan on training for a marathon, having proper running biomechanics and the rights tools at your disposal will enable you to enjoy running for years to come.

tips running outdoors

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