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Kinatex Sports Physio proudly follows and ensures compliance with all special measures announced by the Government of Quebec (or Ontario where applicable) and the recommendations of the CNESST, the INSPQ and other various professional orders, including the OPPQ, in order to counter the spread of COVID-19.

KinatexKinatex Saint-Vallier

At Kinatex Sports Physio St-Vallier, you will receive a personalized treatment performed by qualified therapists in a friendly environment.

Physiotherapist, osteopath, occupational therapist, massage therapist, pediatric physiotherapist, nutritionist and kinesiologist work in synergy to provide the best services for our pediatric and adult patients.

All our professionals at Kinatex St-Vallier distinguish themselves by their competence and commitment and regularly follow post-graduate education to ensure the best quality care.

Kinatex Saint-Vallier

Our address
205 Rue Montmagny, bureau 200
Québec (QC), G1N 4V3
418 524-5115
418 524-8480 (FAX)
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French, English

Business hours
Sunday :
Monday :
08:00 TO 20:00
Tuesday :
08:00 TO 20:00
Wednesday :
08:00 TO 20:00
Thursday :
08:00 TO 20:00
Friday :
08:00 TO 16:00
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Our team

Myriam Blais-Denis
Mathilde Cuerrier, Agente - Relations Clientèle
Claudia Denis
Myriam Dionne, Agente - Relations Clientèle
Vincent Godbout, Massothérapeute
Katleen Henderson
Roxanne Lachance, Thérapeute en réadaptation physique
Gabrielle Léonard
Maria Roussel, Technicienne comptable
Julie Simard, Ostéopathe
Anabelle Tardif
Olivier Tremblay Valin, Physiothérapeute | Associé
Brigitte Tremblay, Agente - Relations Clientèle
Marilou Turcotte

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