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KinatexConference: running, physiotherapy and nutrition!

Conference: running, physiotherapy and nutrition!
  • Published on Wednesday April 18th, 2018

Conference: running, physiotherapy and nutrition!

Our conference is offered by Laurence Lessard-Jean, physiotherapist and running consultant, in collaboration with Nadine Moukheiber, Nutritionist.
In this hands-on workshop, 4 major themes will be addressed;
1. The optimal technique: prevent injuries and make the most of your outings.
2. How to find the right running shoe ?
3. Training: improving your performance without hurting yourself is possible.
4. The runner’s nutrition: energy boosting snacks and healthy recipes!
Whether you are passionate about running or just wearing your pair of shoes to enjoy the outdoors, this conference is for you!
***Join us and get a chance to win a physiotherapy running evaluation worth $ 150.***
Cost: $ 35
Location: Kinatex Rockland
Time: 18:30 pm
To register, please contact us at 514-667-3828.

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