KinatexKinatex Rockland

At Kinatex Sports Physio Rockland, you will receive a personalized treatment performed by qualified therapists in a friendly environment.

Physiotherapist, osteopath, massage therapist, acupuncturist, pelvic floor rehabilitation specialist, running consultant work in synergy to provide the best services for our patients.

All our professionals at Kinatex Rockland distinguish themselves by their competence and commitment and regularly follow post-graduate education to ensure the best quality care.

Kinatex Rockland

Our address
100 Chemin Rockland, suite 130
Ville Mont-Royal (QC), H3P 2V9
514 667-3828
514 667-3829 (FAX)
Spoken languages

French, English, Spanish, Greek, Russian, Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, Italian, Arabic

Business hours
Sunday :
Monday :
07:30 TO 20:00
Tuesday :
07:30 TO 20:00
Wednesday :
07:30 TO 20:00
Thursday :
07:30 TO 20:00
Friday :
07:30 TO 18:00
Saturday :
08:30 TO 15:30

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Our team

Rana Adada-Lamy
Conny Alfaro Arevalo
Natalie Barceló
Betsyann Baron
Camilla Bazakov
Bruno Beauchamp
Kati Bélanger
Jeremy Benchaya
Camille Bisaillon
Emmanuella Charles
Darioh Chatel
Olivia Colucci
Vincenzo D'Alto
Arriane Diaz
Anaëlle Franchet
Kenneth Futamura
Alexandra Konias
Martine Laganière
Stéphane Lamy
Amanda Lee
Alison McCreary
Alexandra Moisan
Lauré-Anne Nadeau
Chidy Ngadi
Camille Peruzzini
Christina Pizzino
Rosa Romano
Janeki Roux
Cassandra Soenen
Camille Sylvestre
Steven Tam
Zack Tang
Minh-Quan Tran
Elise Vanderborgh
Ioana Vetra
Angela Yung

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