KinatexKinatex Richmond Hill

At Kinatex Sports Physio Richmond Hill, you will receive a personalized treatment performed by qualified therapists in a friendly environment.

Physiotherapist, massage therapist and chiropractors work in synergy to provide the best services for our patients.

All our professionals at Kinatex Richmond Hill distinguish themselves by their competence and commitment and regularly follow post-graduate education to ensure the best quality care.

Kinatex Richmond Hill

Our address
104 - 10376 Yonge St
Richmond Hill (ON), L4C 3B8
905 237-8439
905 237-8459 (FAX)
Spoken languages

English, French, Farsi, Cantonese, Korean, German, Gujrati, Hindi, Filipino

Business hours
Sunday :
09:00 TO 16:00
Monday :
10:00 TO 17:00
Tuesday :
10:00 TO 16:00
Wednesday :
10:00 TO 19:00
Thursday :
10:00 TO 16:00
Friday :
10:00 TO 18:00
Saturday :
09:30 TO 14:00

Our team

Audrey Bader
Sanaz Baradaran
Jason (Ho Yin) Chan
Trinity Chen
Sogand Hariri
Bobo Huang
Daniel Jung
Dr. Sedi Naisi
Dr. Negin Rabi
Priya Shah
Dr. Sneha Skariah
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