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Ped CK

2018/02/28 Home Education and advice

A friend of mine referred me to this clinic recently when I told her about my annoying back pain. So, I decided to call them one day that the pain was really bad. The clinic shares the waiting area with a few other medical offices. The receptionist helped me a lot with my insurance coverage details and booked me for physio. The therapist was really nice. After the assessment and going over my medical history, they started different types of treatments. I liked the laser therapy the most, but she said I had to do them all to get a good result (I also got a couple of massage therapy sessions). She was right. In week 2 I started seeing improvements. I have been doing the exercises they gave me since then and my back does not hurt as much. I think they know what they are doing and the clinic staff are professional, so I recommend them.