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Massothérapiepour hommes et femmes

Un massothérapeute expérimenté saura répondre à vos questions, évaluer votre condition et vous offrir un traitement personnalisé selon vos besoins. Nos experts peuvent vous aider à :

  • Diminuer votre douleur
  • Favoriser votre récupération musculaire
  • Favoriser la réparation de vos tissus cicatriciels
  • Relâcher vos tensions musculaires
  • Soutenir votre préparation sportive
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Massage Therapy is one of the oldest forms of therapeutic treatments as it dates back several centuries. The benefits of massage therapy are many and can help people with a variety of ailments, injuries and illnesses. Seen by many as a relaxation tool to relieve stress, it is also an integral part of most rehabilitation programs for the treatment of chronic conditions, low back pain, swelling and much more.

Massage therapy involves a combination of soft tissue manipulation and body-mind relationship. With over 250 varieties of massage therapy it can be difficult to decide on an appropriate approach and technique that suits your goals and needs.  A massage therapist will use a combination of techniques to achieve the necessary goals and treatment objectives. This may include; stroking, kneading, tapping, compression, vibration, rocking, friction and pressure to the soft tissues of the body. They may also use non-forceful passive of active movements to help promote the flow of energy within the body.

Massage therapy is thus defined as the manipulation of soft tissue of the body with a variety and combination of techniques, coupled with non-forceful movements aimed to reduce muscular tension, stress and fatigue, increase circulation for the elimination of edema and waste, with the objective to assist in the healing process of the soft tissue of the body.

Massage therapy is recommended for many conditions and indispositions such as;

  • Back pain
  • Labor and delivery support for expecting mothers
  • Relieves medication dependency
  • Assists the immune system by aiding the elimination of waste
  • Aids in muscle recovery (flexibility, spasms, cramps)
  • Helps with soft tissue repair (post-surgical scar tissue, tissue regeneration)
  • Supports athletes with pre-event preparation, recovery and stress
  • Relieves muscle tension related to headaches
  • And much more.

Massage therapy is a powerful ally to have in the healthcare system; it provides both a physiological and psychological benefit that has a profound effect on the body-mind system. With the majority of insurance companies that now recognize the physical and emotional benefit of massage therapy, Kinatex Sports Physio will provide you, your co-workers, relatives and friends with body-mind rejuvenation from a group of highly trained and experienced team of massage therapy professionals.