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Kinatex Sports Physio proudly follows and ensures compliance with all special measures announced by the Government of Quebec (or Ontario where applicable) and the recommendations of the CNESST, the INSPQ and other various professional orders, including the OPPQ, in order to counter the spread of COVID-19.

KinatexKinatex Fleury

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation on Fleury in Ahuntsic

In Spring 2019, Physio 2000, which was founded in 1986, joined one of the leading banners in rehabilitation, Kinatex Sports Physio to become Kinatex Sports Physio Fleury.

The clinic, located on rue Fleury in the Ahuntsic neighbourhood, took advantage of this transition period to update its facilities and equipment in order to create an environment that meets Kinatex’s high standards.

Located in the Ahuntsic neighbourhood, at the corner of rue Fleury East and Christophe-Colomb avenue, Kinatex Fleury offers a personalized rehabilitation experience: efficient and innovative in a convivial and professional atmosphere. Client satisfaction is the primary concern for the entire team. The professional and seasoned team distinguishes itself by their competence and commitment.

Kinatex Fleury brings together several physical therapists, all experts in different professional fields, as well as osteopaths, occupational therapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and psychologists. They all work together as a team, with a multi-disciplinary approach in order to offer the best rehabilitation services under one roof.

Kinatex Fleury

Our address
1415 Rue Fleury Est
Montreal (QC), H2C 1R9
514 270-8438
Spoken languages

French, English

Business hours
Sunday :
Monday :
08:00 TO 20:00
Tuesday :
08:00 TO 20:00
Wednesday :
08:00 TO 20:00
Thursday :
08:00 TO 20:00
Friday :
08:00 TO 20:00
Saturday :
08:00 TO 17:00

Our team

Étienne Brema
Muriel Cariou
Daniel Corredor
Linda Coulombe
Gabrielle Anne Desjardins
Gaëlle Doiron-Barbant
Manon Durand
Patricia Iannaccone
Brigitte Lachance
Martine Lamoureux
Camille Letendre
Josée Lussier
Nathalie Mach
Valérie Marchal
Céline Migliori
Patricia Muraca
Samantha Overhoff
Karolane Pronovost-Belzil
Phedra Rasoolirad
Mélissa Roby