Children’s Motor Development – Is my baby developing well?

2017/06/05 Home Education and advice

Children’s Motor Development – Is my baby developing well?

Here are the main milestones that your baby should have:

0-1 Month – Physiological flexion to extension

  • Baby starts in fetal position
  • Baby starts to straighten up

2 Months – Asymmetry

  • Greater ROM in extremities
  • Attempts to reach
  • Briefly holds with reflex

3-4 months – Symmetry

  • Arms move easily against gravity
  • Start of knee to chest/hands to thighs
  • Loves the « frog position »
  • Pushing using feet
  • Grasps and holds
  • Lifts head to 90°
  • Lifts body through forearms
  • Coordination beginning
  • Symmetry of trunk and head
  • Bilateral and symmetrical movements of extremities

5-6 months – Head control

  • Head control almost complete
  • Chin tuck
  • Improved coordination, greater variety of movements
  • Rolls back and forth
  • Knees to chest/touch feet
  • Swimming
  • Raise one arm to reach
  • Pivots with arms
  • Independent and very active lying on their back or stomach
  • Maintains independent sitting for a short time

7-8 months – Diversity and Sitting

  • Moves in commando crawling
  • Gets to 4 crawling starting position
  • Plays in side lying
  • Baby is very motivated to explore environment
  • Frequent change in positions
  • Increased interest towards small objects
  • Manipulates toys in sitting
  • Pulls to kneeling

9 months – Trunk control

  • Now able to crawl!!
  • Uses gross and fine motor abilities
  • Easy transitions from and to sitting
  • Needs 1 hand support for standing
  • Walks with help
  • Squats with support

10-12 months – Variety, Mobility and Harmony

  • Uses fine motor movements ++ in sitting
  • Able to walk and carry something


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