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At Kinatex Sports Physio Centre-Ville, you will receive a personalized treatment performed by qualified therapists in a friendly environment.

Physiotherapist, osteopath, occupational therapist, massage therapist, acupuncturist, pediatric physiotherapist, running consultant and orthotist work in synergy to provide the best services for our pediatric and adult patients.

All our professionals at Kinatex Centre-Ville distinguish themselves by their competence and commitment and regularly follow post-graduate education to ensure the best quality care.

Kinatex Centre-Ville

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Éva Hitschfeld
Manon Lanthier
Ariane Mainville
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Jonathan Seméteys-Ladouceur
Raffaele Simeone
Jean-François Tremblay

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What they say about us

  • Hi Kinatex,

    I was a patient of your clinic in 2016 and 2017, being treated for a bad ankle fracture from a motorcycle accident. It was a compound fracture with torn tendons and extensive soft tissue damage requiring emergency surgery. After the operation, I tried a couple of physiotherapy clinics before finding yours, where I worked with Jonathan for the most part, along with Alexandria, and a few others here and there. 

    At first, I wasn’t sure if I would ever be able to run again. I wasn’t a big runner to begin with, but I did enjoy it. I would have been devastated to lose that ability. I actually had dreams about running when I was still on crutches. I slowly went from walking, to running 30 second intervals, then 1 minute intervals. Eventually, I built up to running 5km, then 10km. I continued to attend my physiotherapy appointments, did my best to do my exercises (although admittedly was not perfect!) and tried to incorporate other activities such as biking. The encouragement, support, and expertise of your staff members was always appreciated. 

    This year, on September 22, I ran the SeaWheeze half marathon in Vancouver, in 2h03m43s. This was my first ever half marathon, and the first official race of my life! I had absolutely no residual issues or pain from the injury. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone at your clinic for everything you do, for your commitment to your work and ongoing education, and for doing your jobs so well. It truly makes a difference in the quality of life of a patient like myself, and I will be forever grateful. 

    All the best,

    Anne-Marie Chartier

  • En 2010, j’avais des douleurs dans les épaules qui, entre autres, rendaient mes entraînements de natation très pénibles. Le médecin, en voyant les radiographies (qui révélaient de l’arthrose cervico-dorsale), me suggéra d’arrêter de nager et me prescrivit des médicaments antidouleurs. Or, une amie m’a recommandé Jonathan Seméteys-Ladouceur, de Kinatex. J’ai bien fait de le consulter, car avec ses traitements, ses conseils et ses encouragements, j’ai pu continuer à m’entraîner et je n’ai pas eu à prendre de médicaments.
    À l’été 2016, j’ai eu soudainement de la difficulté à marcher à cause d’une douleur au pied gauche. Le spécialiste que j’ai consulté m’a conseillé, dans cet ordre : le port d’une orthèse plantaire, des injections de cortisone et éventuellement une opération ! Heureusement, je me suis souvenu de Jonathan et, encore une fois, ses traitements, les exercices qu’il m’a prescrits, son empathie et son optimisme m’ont permis de retrouver le plaisir de marcher, sans médicaments ni béquilles. Vive la physiothérapie ! Vive Kinatex ! Vive Jonathan !

    Roland Lacombe

  • Thank you Jonathan and Vicky. You helped me during the last six months to recover from the accident and brought me back to running. Today, I simulated the Oasis 5K race that we set as a goal. I made it in a pretty decent time. Thank you!

    Fernando Galandrini

  • I’ve been working with Ariane Mainville for different issues (injuries, tendinitis) off and on for over 5 years. Ariane has always been wonderful. Ariane always takes the time to explain the problem in a way I understand. Her knowledge, excellent communication skills and positive personality help me to focus on the goal or re-adjust the goal when sometimes the recovery process isn’t quick, easy or obvious. Continually advancing in her profession, she offers new treatment alternatives when previous methods aren’t yielding results. The support staff are welcoming, efficient and help me to schedule appointments to meet my needs. I am so satisfied with my experience at Kinatex Centre-Ville that I carry their business cards so that I can refer friends and family.

    Cheryl Wallace

  • My experience at Kinatex was great and my physiotherapist was brilliant! My recovery from knee surgery was most tolerable and made possible due to the professional and expert care I received. I have resumed most of my work out activities and feel certain I will get completely there thanks to my therapist Eva. Simply the best!

    Sheilagh Hanrahan